Behind the Scenes, Charlies Gift

Q&A with Sheila Mia Seifi

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Sheila Mia Seifi is the award-winning makeup artist who transformed Dee Wallace into an elderly woman for our short, Charlie’s GiftBased in Los Angeles, Sheila specializes in effects and beauty. She’s both collaborated and headed the special effects departments on a variety of blockbuster and independent films. Sheila works in special effects laboratories doing sculpting, mold-making, painting, life-casting, foam-running and dental prosthetic fabrication. Her art is also featured at The Hive Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.
Scroll down for her thoughts on creating “Evelyn’s” look for Charlie’s Gift.
Dee Wallace Transformed Photo
Left: Dee Wallace as “Evelyn” Right: Dee Wallace without Makeup FX


Q. What drew you to Charlie’s Gift?
A. The script was just phenomenal, it melted my heart. You don’t hear too many true stories like this one!
Q. How long did it take to age Ms. Wallace 20 years?
A. It took me 2.5 hours to complete the transformation.
Q. What was it like seeing Ms. Wallace transform before your eyes?
A. It was beautiful. She is a very graceful and playful woman. It was delightful working with her and seeing her reaction to my work on her.
Q. What is your favorite special effects makeup or character style?
A. My favorite character style has to be Old Age!! I am fascinated by the human body and to be able to physically age someone in just a few hours still blows my mind. I guess I love good old fashion gore as well. Ha ha!
Q. What would you say to someone wanting to follow in your footsteps? How would they begin?
A. I would tell them to never give up! Find people that are into the same things and stick with them. I didn’t have any connections in this industry when I first began. Just keep following small opportunities until they become larger and larger. Everyone is a contact so don’t burn bridges!
Follow Sheila on Instagram : @sheila.fx,  Twitter @sheilamiafx

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